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How get a shorter belt........

How does one get a shorter belt? In this case a serpentine. The easiest way is to get a belt from a truck that doesn't have a/c. But if I wanted an even shorter belt I could measure it. But I can't imagine the local parts guy (even though I know him) would be completely happy with me if I said "I need a belt that is 42" long".

I probably could run nothing at all since the injection pump and the power steering/vacuum pump combo are gear driven.

The power steering with the piggyback'd vacuum pump combo could probably be replaced with an electric vacuum pump and the power steering could theoretically be replaced with an electric pump but I need a real heavy duty unit.

I need to try out different combos of a/c and alt. for mpg reasons and for a standing mile run later on this year.

I'm already planning to ditch the fan and water pump with electric versions

Any clever ideas on the belt situation? Cummins 5.9 12v diesel

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