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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
What performance mods were done to the Golf, and what fuel consumption figures are you getting ?
What's the engine size ?
The 2L is usually more thirsty than the 1.9L.

A Mk 4 Golf TDi should be getting good mileage.
I start with a ajm 115hp engine, i bought the car in germany, i was intended to sell it in portugal(it's a business, buy cheap cars in germany, sell them here lol), but then i decided to keep it to myself, well, i wasnt lucky, my headgasket blown, then i activate the guarantee, i buy a lot of new stuff, new engine piston head(full, with valves, cam, pd injectors from tdi 150hp, etc), then i tune the ecu, add a new clutch, add oil cooler system, intake manifold, intercooler, etc(i want to turn my 115 engine in something close to the 150hp engine), but then i decided to buy a new engine(almost new! 7000km ), it's a different unit, asz 130hp, and i tune it up again, big turbo, racing clutch, bla, bla, bla, bla....heheheeh
Now! i have the same engine, i have a tdi 150 turbo and many other things but my ecu is stock, i'm getting 46mpg, but i still drive very
Right now, improve mileage is my new challenge!
I have a lot to learn and see, some principles of tuning for performance can be used in ecommoded cars, but i don't know too much about aero, i only know about engines.

Oh! i forgot, my engine actual engine is 1.9 tdi pd, engine code asz(it's a model from a seat ibiza), it has 130hp in the ibiza, but in my car, the ecu is from a tdi 115(also 1.9 and pd) and i have some stuff on it wich improves a little the performance, even with the 115hp ecu file
Tuned VW Golf Mk4 Tdi, Euro spec!
AJM engine swaped by ASZ and many other goodies

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