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Originally Posted by Laurentiu View Post
It might not be so easy. After all an electric car is very much different from a typical gasoline car, especially the over-sized, over-powered cars on the US roads.

The same way a hybrid's EPA rating is much harder to improve, an electric's range will probably not be so easy to beat.

In fact, I would say the situation can quickly turn in the opposite direction of NOT achieving even that EPA rating. Take some snow-blizzard conditions with temps slipping into minus (Farenheit) and then let's see who's gonna go 77 miles...
It depends, it fairly easy to beat EPA on most every MT vehicle I have driven, its all about speed and lack of stops. Every Auto vehicle I have driven has been very challenging to improve upon, especially in stop and go or in town driving situations.

There already have been several real world driving events if you can call it that were people have exceeded the 100 mile range, mostly again highway type driving. An electric is unlikely to like P&G
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