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The fact that 1000 scientists think “A” is right and 10 scientists think “B” is right is a mentally challenge reason to believe “A” is right.

Lysenkoism is a perfect example of the bandwagon effect run amuck just as Catastrophic Anthropomorphic Global Warming [CAGW] has.

Lysenkoism was a scientific concept that acquired traits could be passed from parent to child. We now know this cannot be true but all scientific societies in Russia at one time endorsed this flawed concept.

Learned papers were written and awards given for those that favored Lysenkoism and writing a paper or doing an experiment that might disprove Lysenkoism was a way to end a career.

A list of a dozen learned societies which endorsed Lysenkoism would be easy to compile since they all depended upon the government for funding and the government was in love with the theory.

The head of Russia [Stalin] was behind it 100 % and since the state was the main source of funds for research studies were done that validated the theory. Those that were skeptical of the theory were “branded deniers” or tools of the capitalists [big oil].

Since only studies which validated the theory were done and since all studies showed what was wanted lysenkoism became more and more accepted.

The parallels between lysenkoism and global warming are so obvious that only the blind cannot see them. The scientific process can be and has been bent to the will of the politicians by the simple use of money and fame.
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