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Uhm... You do know that Fox News has ratings at least twice as high as their nearest competitor, right? For all of your ad hominem attacks on Fox News because you happen to disagree with their slightly right-of-center viewpoint, you can't deny they're doing something correctly.

And it's amusing that you happen to again start to mock your opposition, rather than debate your unproveable AGW theory on its merits. You can show videos with spaces full of CO2 all you want, Neil, but you cannot show why the Earth (that's the correct spelling, by the way) is cooling rather than warming. And you cannot show why Michael Mann, the creator of that infamous and wrong hockey stick graph, should be believed at all. Nor can you show why we should believe a group that has shown that it worked to suppress the publication of viewpoints opposing AGW, and has itself unethically manipulated and omitted raw data in order to show something that just isn't happening.

Besides, if you were serious about stopping AGW, you ought to start working to ban other more powerful man-made greenhouse gases, like dihydrogen monoxide. You do know that dihydrogen monoxide is at least 2 times more effective at being a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, right? This is the most powerful solvent known to man, and it is part of the exhaust of coal plants. This stuff has also been found in cancer cells, and it's the major component of acid rain. It has been known to burn and even kill people. Symptoms of dihydrogen monoxide overdose include muscle weakness, twitching, cramping, nausea, vomiting, seizures, coma, and death. Sounds like you ought to go about banning dihydrogen monoxide, instead.

BTW, when your religious leaders actually start to act like this AGW is a real problem, then I'll start believing it's a problem. It doesn't help the cause when Al Gore wastes something like 16000 gallons of jet fuel just to fly himself over to Cancun to state that he thinks AGW is a real problem.
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