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Serious problem or harmless phishing?

Since I`m pretty out of touch with possibilities for electronic fraud, ID theft, etc, I`m hoping some of you more knowledgeable folks could explain a kind of scary situation to me. I`ve started getting spam that`s labeled in my "inbox" as though it came from my wife, even though she obviously has nothing to do with it. Well, I certainly HOPE she has nothing to do with it- haven`t asked her yet.

Hopefully, it`s just some new spammer method of getting my attention that isn`t a sign of a real problem, but I`m not sure. Does that necessarily mean that her email acct has been compromized somehow or that our computer has been zombied into sending stuff out to a zillion people? Another odd thing is that the emails are all addressd "to: former coworkers of my wife @ local school dist`s website"- hope my description makes sense. Anything I can do to check?

Not so important, but an extra irritation is that they`re written in the style of badly translated English. Since English isn`t my wife`s native language, and her writing sometimes has those same characteristics, it`d be possible and very uncomfortable if some of our friends and acquaintences read the spam and think it really did come from her.

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