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Originally Posted by t vago View Post
You know, it takes a certain kind of arrogance to assume that mankind is singlehandedly "destroying" the planet by burning fossil fuels.
No, that's playbook Leftist ideology. The only problem is that this is 2010 and we'll point out that the old hoax is 40 years behind the times. Also most people aren't as gullible as they were then.

Then again, it would probably take the same kind of arrogance to push this idea down our throats by claiming we're myopic/ignorant/greedy/etc...
There is no limit to guilt mongering. Don't you feel guilty for being alive and taking up space on this plaanet?

Whatever happened to global cooling, Neil? You know, the idea that mankind was somehow hastening the onset of the glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaciers by burning fossil fuels?
That was exactly the premise of the first convenient hoax in the 1970's: Global cooling, expounded in the book written by Paul Erlich. Every good Leftist (and gullible, useful idiot) bought a copy and became a zealot.

See, "everything old is new again". "This too shall pass".