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duane1: "If the sent box does not show anything coming out of it; then someone spoofed her email address. There was no hack involved."
Don`t all the "undeliverable" notices in her inbox indicate that the spam was actually sent from her account?

pounsfos: "scan your computer for viruses. clear you temp folders"
That sounds like a good idea. How do I go about it?

"if it keeps happening then change her password."
Already changed.

Piwoslaw: "Passwords should be changed every 1-2 months. Unfortunately, hardly anyone does it"
Guilty as charged, but will mend my ways- changed mine, too.

"He explained that it is possible in some cases to send without copying to 'Sent', or that the spammer (bot) deleted everything it sent to leave less traces."
Makes sense to me. For somebody with the skill to hack into an account in the first place, it should be a piece of cake to amend the program in such a way as to delite the "sent" files. Why leave more evidence to clue in the victim that something is amiss just so that he can start fixing the problem and put an end to all the spammer`s work?
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