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You may find that after scanning, fixing, rescanning etc. that it continues. It may not be your PC. Some email style viruses use addresses in their inbox and pretend to be sent from that person or any other addresses in the inbox - so whilst the emails say they come from your wife they may be someone else she has emailed who has a PC which is infected. It can even use addresses from emails such as those CC'd into emails sent from the infected PC - jokes are a good method of spreading them around.

My wife gets emails like this often from customers who work in local government but it turns out to be a relative or friend of theirs who have an infected PC at home doing the emailing instead. Easy to prove as their work PCs are locked out pretty securely as they work with children in education departments.

For this reason (and the reduced risk of info being leaked when you sell or lose your PC) I recommend switching to a web-based system such as Yahoo or Google as they scan messages for threats and those 'body enhancing' messages you would rather not see. Hotmail seems a little 'leaky' with info, your experience may vary.

Be careful of letting some places like The Tech Guys or the local PC store have your PC to fix unless you know them well as you don't know what they will decide to make a 'backup' of without your knowledge - perhaps your PayPal account details or your internet banking, family photos or details of your holiday - so they know when to empty your house the address of which is probably nicely presented to them as well.

Assuming you are on Windows you can get free virus and malware removers quite easily - AVG free is a good virus package (takes some time to find the totally free one) and AdAware (make sure the latter comes from Lavasoft, there is a similar package which INSTALLS cr@pware instead of removing it...). Crapcleaner (honest) is good for removing anything not needed.
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