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Welcome. I have a similar combo, with a 02 RSX-S and a 98 Silverado extended cab 4x. Frankly, it's a combination that makes sense. I've managed to bring the Acura from 27-30mpg up to 40+ thanks to the folks around here, while the truck is still available for the heavy lifting.

Any instrumentation will start to change the way you drive. Suddenly you go from one input you can control (speedometer) to two in competition (instant mpg) for your attention. Your mission, should you choose to accept, becomes milking every possible inch out of every possible drop of gasoline instead of just thinking "are we there yet?". That one change alone, if you suffer from OCD like most of us, will change the way you drive. Beyond that, it's just the tricks of the trade covered at the tab at the top of the page (100+ Hypermiling Tips). Re-read them frequently, try one or two at a time, then re-read them again for another tip or two once you've started to incorporate the new technique.

Your terrain, the time of day your drive, traffic, the amount of time you've given yourself to get from point A to point B; all play a role in your mpg, but there's dozens of tricks to use in every situation. Sometimes it's DWL (driving with load) and adjusting your throttle input counter-intuitively, going a little harder on the downhills, but backing out of it on the climbs; other times you deal with stop and go driving by shutting your car off rather than idling once you're up to speed and gradually coast to a stop, only restarting when the car in front of you moves. I think most people with a city commute could save 2-3mpg just by turning off the car at stop lights.
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