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Thanks all for the replies and helpful information.

So it seems then that it could be that a year of oil build-up could have damaged the converter. I am not going to replace the engine as it is not worth putting that money into my car, so if I decide to replace the converter or sensor, I guess this could just happen again. Is it possible, then, to bring the car in for some sort of engine or exhaust cleaning every so often so that the oil doesn't continue to build up?

As I see it now, my options are to either just ignore everything, replace the sensor, replace the converter, or replace both. If I were to ignore the problem, and the converter became clogged, what happens besides lower gas mileage? It is illegal, then, for my mechanic to just remove the converter, is that right?

I would rather not ignore the problem though. Would you guys suggest replacing the converter first, see if the light goes away, and if not, replacing the sensor as well? Or vice versa, replacing the sensor first? Ford Man, you mentioned the light going out if the converter is working properly, after a certain amount of starts. Does that mean if the parts were replaced, the light wouldn't shut off right away, even if that part was the cause?

The check engine light was not on during the emissions test. It came on two days later.

Sorry for all of the questions, I only learn about the parts of cars and its system, it seems, as the problems related to them arise.
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