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Most excellent forum!

Hey everyone. I'm a closet ecomodder, with a big diesel truck and a v8 car... But i've finally found a forum I can get excited about!

I had a 1988 chev sprint with a engine-off-coast switch rigged up and a few other little tweaks a couple of years ago. I didn't even know sites like this existed! It was rusting and I could sell it for what I got for it so I did. I regret that completely, would like to get another for more modding.

Best mileage with my diesel pickup has been 9.8 litres/100kms with custom ECM programming. That's with 7000lbs of brick-in-the wind to push around...

Awesome ideas here!

BTW, a significant portion of the gains on the coming new GM hybrids come from low-rolling resistance tires, aero mods, and other things that you guys are already doing....

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