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Originally Posted by aspire1605 View Post
what mods do i need to do to run e85?
The ford apire is able to alter the fuel mix but not necessarily the timing (depends on year OBDI vrs OBDII)

This means like some other users regardless of year apire you should be able to run up to about 50/50 mix of e85 w/ e10 in the summer months.

If you are willing to run tests you may be able to run much more e85, possibly even 100% but you need to use small batches to test the engine to make sure it idles fast enough and starts cold and doesn't miss or knock while driving down the road. My buick would stall at stop signs when running more than 50% e85. I also had hard start issues running more than 40% in the winter when it got very cold.

Also remember, never WOT (aka floor) a non-e85 car when running e85 as the older cars tend to go lean on e85 and if you are a person that drives the car to the floor a lot, lean burn at WOT can burn a piston in short order. And yes I speak of this because there are some fools who ignore their engine and keep flooring it anyway despite obvious auditory warning signs. One guy took out a 98 3800 this way, while I ran mine for years on the stuff. Many older cars do not have the ability to remap WOT/open loop enough for e85.

I mention that as a warning but not one I personally take seriously, its all in how well you know/maintain your car and how you drive it.

That said e85 has been said to damage fuel pumps, fuel tanks, etc. I think this rather unlikely except on very old cars and on cars that already have fuel delivery issues. A far more likely scenario is that the crud in your old fuel tank will be cleaned out and plug your fuel filter, to minimize this risk either
1. Increase the amount of e85 gradually (I would recommend that anyway)
2. Just go for it and have a spare fuel filter ready.

If you do have a fuel pump issue sometime in the far future from e85 use you can simply replace it with one guaranteed for the stuff or one that uses ethanol compatible gaskets/seals/components.

Personally as long as you use common sense and test how your car behaves safely I don't think there is any risk of running a mix of e85 and e10.

Now if you are doing this to drag race that is a whole other ball of worms and is a pain in the arse usually involving oversized injectors and remapping your ecu somehow. For normal driving this should never be necessary.\

E85 conversion kits? - Toyota Forums :: Toyota Nation

Good Luck
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