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duramax - '05 Chevrolet Silverado LT
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Tuned with ECM tuning software/hardware. I am an experienced GM tech and a tuner. Unfortunately there is nothing much for the Nippondenso ECM's that run the Suzuki product... There are a huge number of very interesting parameters that can be tuned, from ECT vs open loop fuel ratio tables (which are pig rich from factory typically) to the huge range of spark control and compensation tables. I have seen as much as 15% gains from spark timing adjustments alone (that comes with a trade-off, usually increased NOx emissions)

My best with the electronic carbed chevy sprint was 3.9 l/100 kms. I am a canadian

And I would prefer another suzuki product (the chev/pontiac/geo variety). My main concern is parts availability. I work at a GM dealership so that gives me an inside line on parts ;
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