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Originally Posted by bdesj View Post
Thanks, P!
Except I guess the method is different depending on the system and age- I should have included that information. Our home computer is Apple, 10.4.11
My wife borrows a friend`s laptop for wordprocessing duty from time to time, but I`m pretty sure the machine and connection at home is the only internet access she uses regularly.
Don't go making any system changes or whatever because of this.
Changing a password every now and then is not a bad habit though.

Anyway, this is harmless, and it's just the way spamming works.
They simply need an email address to send from, and it so happened to be your wife's.
And they need a subject line to trick people into opening their rubbish.

There's 27 spam mails in my spam box right now.
One of them is sent abusing an address of mine.
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