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Well, to be honest, I do take my sweet time from my home to the farm land, as the scenery is nice, but believe it or not, it's rather congested and you often can't go very fast anyway. Even though theres a lot of elevation change, speed limit changes, curves and traffic, I think I get my best mileage here because I do go pretty slow. It's the boring, flat farm land that comprises about 65 of the 110 miles that gets me.

I used to make my commute in about 55 minutes, driving like a complete arse. I'd go 120mph on some of the back farm roads where there's no cops, then kick the cruise on at 68mph (which is really more like 64, and the CHP don't stop me), then when I hit the twisties, I'd carve them up as fast as possible, bouncing the rev limiter and squealing the tires around all the corners, passing cars in no passing zones, etc. So...I've made a drastic improvement already in my driving style. :P

I go even slower in the summer on the days I take my Harley to work, and I get over 50 mpg on that.

Baby steps.
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