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A quick update and a story.

In addition to the suspension upgrade, I have now purchased a ScanGuage2 monitor and a pair of DTM Cup mirrors. Before I fit anything (other than the ScanGuage) I will do a few runs of mixed driving, mostly 100 mile day and night trips to get a fair result, and measure the MPG. I'll post all results here. I'll then complete all aero mods and note any changes.

An interesting story for weight savers. A friend of mine is restoring a classic car. He's stripping it completely and part of the process was pressure washing the underside. As an experiment he decided to weigh how much dirt and crud that came out - 12.5Kg! That's nearly 30Lbs of free weightsaving just by removing the dirt. Moral of the story: wash your car regularly to save weight.

Cheers, Steve
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