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Hello Rob, compadre!

About the power steering, my thinking is that the pump is continually being turned, therefore taking HPs away/adding to fuel consumption. The good thing about electric power steering is that the alternator is turning anyway - to charge the battery, etc so it doesn't matter if I load it a little more with a power steering motor. But my logic could be flawed?

At the mo I have 15" Audi alloys (take a look on fleabay at item no. 390276194556) but I'm thinking of getting bigger wheels if lowering doesn't fill the arches.

I'm trying to look for an aftermarket grill/bumper/spoiler combo that is mostly filled for neatness. I'd like to do it myself but I know I'd end up with pipe wrapped around my pulleys! I need to take the roof rails off and somehow make the wiper area more aero - there's a huge gap between the bonnet and the screen that just sings out 'turbulence'... With the addition of smooth wheels, all my aero mods would be done. I'd love to shave the door handles and grind off the gutters and seal the seams but that is a few steps too far for me.

I'm looking forward to getting the ScanGuage prior to making any mods so I can have a measurable and standard baseline to compare against. I'll do about 400 miles to provide my baseline. I may also start using biodiesel at the same time too.

Let me know of any tips you've picked up and what you think of the fuel price rises and what you're doing to combat them.

Cheers, Steve
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