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Originally Posted by nemo View Post
Are you require to do an annual emissions inspection? Are you able to do any of the work yourself?
Yes I am, and I am hesitant to do anything more than very beginner by myself.

Originally Posted by Backtobasics View Post
leave the converter, and watch performance and MPG to see if the converter is becoming clogged.
Maybe I will do this for a bit first, and if I notice a drop in performance, will replace the converter. I'm also going to check the oil even more often, so that it doesn't run low.

Originally Posted by Ford Man View Post
If the converter gets completely stopped up the car will have very little power.
As far as pickup and mileage? It would be noticeable, right?

Originally Posted by Ford Man View Post
Even if the problem is corrected and you don't reset the computer by removing the battery cable or with a code reader it will take a while for the light to go out on it's own.
But using a code reader, could the mechanic tell right away if he replaces the part if it was the part causing trouble? Or would I have to drive around a while first?

Thanks again for all of the replies and help.
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