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Originally Posted by comptiger5000 View Post
As far as WOT, it's harder to do damage running lean on E85 than gas.
Sorry to be stuck on the wrong side of the fence but...

You can run leaner on e85 and not cause damage but it is much easier to not notice you are running very very lean as e85 does not make as much noise in the right ways to notice it like on gas.

It is very RARE for someone to get the right combination for it to occur and...

That said I don't worry about the above issue because it simply doesn't apply to me, I can count the number of yearly wot events in my cars on one hand.

Also it only happens on specific cars, stuff older than 96.5 definately is in that region were some superiorly gifted individuals can find ways of wrecking their engines.

A hypermiler would never enter into the situation where they could ever remotely run the risk of engine damage but not all here are hypermilers and are doing it for the wrong reasons.

A good running check is

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