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Originally Posted by WaxyChicken View Post

getting enough aluminum foil from the $1 store to do the whole roof would only cost me between $20 and $40.

(but it's probably piss off the neighbors because they'd get even more glare on their windows.)
Im here because I was thinking about this today. I have done something similar but it was on a RV roof. When doing a major repair on the RV roof I accidentally purchased a product called Peel and Seal (reflective) I thought I was getting the white stuff but I was happy after thinking about it for a min. Note that the white stuff is exactly the same but painted white. This comes in rolls and has a tar backing. IMO I think its perfect for what you want to try and wont look that bad if you use a heat gun to help conform to your existing roof. AND.,. if you don't like it you can paint it white or any color you like and keep the reflective benefits.

I look at the heat problem the same way the people who make fire suits do. Less insulation needed if you reflect the heat away.

ABOUT THE ATTIC FANS These are a bad idea no matter what way you slice it. I myself figured this idea was good until researched it. Bottom line is: Negative pressure in you attic will draw inside a/c up and out. You just cant seal enough to make it worth it. It took a lot of research to make my mind up about this one but.... Google: "do power attic fans work" Answer NO

Don't give up on the foil idea its going to work!
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