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Originally Posted by Execut1ve View Post
Hello everyone, I am new located here in Springfield, OH. I will be looking to get better gas mileage on both my cars: 2000 Honda Civic 5spd and 1994 Ford F150 5.0L 4x4 auto... yeah interesting combo I know :P I'm open to any tips and advice! Currently intrigued by the mpguino to get a better handle on my fuel economy (and provide a visual indicator for the wife hehe)
I too have a Honda civic and an F150 (though mine is a straight six)

I drive the civic till I need the truck. The truck spends the winter parked and off the insurance, come summer It will come back on for hauling wood and building materials. The Guino is a great device, I feel that 50% of my increase over EPA is due to visual feed back. Your civic is new enough for a scanguage or ultraguage.

Depending on the mileage of the truck and the mileage of an econobox it may pay to let the wife drive the civic, buy a <1000 doller ebox and park the truck till you need the capacity. It may be worth your time to do the math on insurance cost, fuel mileage and miles driven.

If that does not make sense in your situation driving the truck more efficiently will really pay. you may see just a few MPG improvement but the % improvement will be a good chunk and that % is what stops coming out of your wallet. Another option is sell the auto truck and buy one with a manual.

at 50mpg 5mpg is 10%

at 20 mpg 2mpg is 10%

Welcome to the board.

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