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theycallmebryan said:

Take the front half of a wide track quad (such as a racing squad) as your front half... that would solve the entire front end because they already have front control arms and suspension to go with it, as well as a complete braking system and steering package. I would alter the steering ratio a bit so that it wasn't as sensitive and more friendly for road use.
Actually I don't think you are allowed to use any part designed for off-road use, someone actually used a quad, tried to get it registered and had to change the front suspension to a VW. Sorry I don't remember where I read this. But I am fairly certain of it.

Finally, register and insure it as the motorcycle you used, and VWAHLA!! You have a 3 wheeled reverse tadpole design that requires no inspection in most states with dirt cheap insurance and awesome gas mileage! I know i wouldn't mind wearing a helmet still (my state requires it).
Using the motorcycle vin is a great idea, as getting a vin for a home built can be difficult. If anyone tries to build a home built be sure to keep COMPLETE records of all purchased parts and materials. I think most states allow no helmet if it is an enclosed cabin.

Like anything check with your local licensing department and any where you may want to ride it.

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