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WOW thanks fellas, especially Euromodder! I think you've answered nearly all of my questions! Thank you VERY much.

To follow up on a couple of your suggestions, yes I am very aware of what sort of nut I have to adjust behind my wheel... My previous car was a very thirsty 4x4 with a massive fuel tank that needed filling constantly! By finding out exactly how much fuel I was burning (and how much that was burning my wallet) I decided to change the way I drive, using the on-board computer. The ScanGuage will do exactly the same for my current car. I can't wait to instal it and varify my estimated fuel consumption figures.

Also, I don't want to spend 1k - I want to spend as little as possible, otherwise the payback period could outlive the life of the car.

One interesting point, I drove 100 miles to my mum's house today at a steady 65MPH and achieved about 66MPG starting with half a tank and about 100Kg load. On the way back, and as VAT is going up tomorrow, I decided to fill up to take advantage of the lower fuel cost - about 43 litres. When I got home I calculated that I probably only achieved about 63MPG - and I only had a 20 kilo load on board. I can only conclude that driving with more fuel than you need is very wasteful indeed.

Cheers again, Steve
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