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1982 300TD wagon in PA - Runs great!

Great for a WVO conversion!
I'm posting this to help out a good buddy of mine who's moving to California to be a TV star. No lie. He's gonna be on a show on Nat Geo TV that's produced by the same guy that did Junkyard Wars, but that's another story...
I wish I could buy this car myself, but being laid off, my funds aren't there, so I suggested he let me pass this along to some forum members for a discounted price before he tries craigslist. Here's the info he sent along:

1982 Mercedes Benz 300TD. This car runs and drives great. Has the bulletproof 5-cylinder diesel. 240k miles, which is still fairly low miles for these engines.
Moving to Cali at the end of January, hoping to get it sold before then.

The good: 15" tires, so the ride is better than the stock 14" ones and the fuel economy is slightly better. Runs like a top. Been driving it around for the past month, and it has treated me fine. It has a fancy car stereo and new speakers in the back. The seats are in passable condition, with some wear and a crack in the driver's side.
The bad: rocker panels and bottom of the front fenders, and the bottom of the rear hatch have had some rust repair with fiberglass and stainless. Not great looks, but solid, and hatch seals fine. The tires aren't on the wear bars yet, but if you run into a stickler inspector, you might need new (or used to save some money) tires. Only the driver's side window works right now. It doesn't have the optional third row seat. The car ran a bit hot in the warmer weather. It has never overheated, but had to drive with the defrost on high. Not such a big deal now that it's cold, but the radiator would probably need to be boiled out or replaced.

Looking to get $800, which is a steal for a good running MB wagon.


The car is located in Kingston, PA. That's northeast, right next to Wilkes-Barre.

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