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Lower-cost heater core source: rather than the excellent 4 by 5 inch heater core sold by KTA Services, Ace Hardware sells a small room heater with what appears to be about an 8 by 8 inch core. As mentioned earlier, the average A/C has an water heater core of about 8 by 8 inches. The ACE SKU is 6087092. The model is Pelonius # HC-0120. The cost is $28.99 or on sale for $24.99.It is rated for 120 volts, but I think it should work well on 144 volts for 2 reasons: 1: You will have more air flow with an A/C blower than the small fan. 2. The core most likely has wire with negative resistance. this means that if the core gets too hot, the power it draws is reduced, stabilizing the temperature. Regards to all
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