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Originally Posted by carwhat View Post

As far as pickup and mileage? It would be noticeable, right?

Originally Posted by carwhat View Post
But using a code reader, could the mechanic tell right away if he replaces the part if it was the part causing trouble? Or would I have to drive around a while first?
Even if the light is turned off by a code reader the ECU has to relearn all the engine perimeters and at that point it will turn on the check engine light if there's still a fault. This process will usually take anywhere for 50-150 miles of driving. I know this isn't what you wanted to hear, but better to be informed than left guessing. The only sure fire way to find out if the catalytic converter is the problem is either throw parts at the problem (gets very expensive) or find someone that has the testing equipment for the catalytic converter.

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