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from grass IS possible.......

To get straight to the point, if one reads the means where one makes ethanol from biomass, including grass, one will unequivocally see they
want what appears to be PRACTICAL means of making it. INDEED, should you or anyone decide to get your grass, chop it up, PULVERIZE IT, in a blender. THEN, add a little more (beer) malt as directed, and just keep it ONLY under a biol for one hour. AS one just almost boils it, (or just less heat then boiling according to directions on malt can). Add YEAST, and ferment- NOW this is the part that until now people say is impractical...that is- the fermenting of the enzyme and yeast grass that was thoroughly pulverized in your blender will only ferment completely with VERY HOT TEMPERATURE for fermenting and very controlled!. Please do this in a labratory flask first with your grass as many sorts of grass are different. remember, pulverize in a blender, add regular beer making malt (with enzymes, of course), add a little more yeast then usual with making alchohol, and HEAT. The heat must be absolutly controlled as you experiment with your fermenting. Indeed it will make a large head at first, but for complete fermenting, you need add heat constantly. This heat you can get from the solar distilling ideas all over the internet and a thermomoter heat controll with a shutter openinging and closeing for your absolute temperature. this solar distilling is the part "they" consider impractical, yet it works and can be done with a cheapo temperature "shutter" opening and closeing devise for absolute controll. Best Wishes and Glory to God Almighty for what "they" consider impractical is practical...Also, I speak in luie of me driving a slow vehicle with slow stickers, The Box, part time jobs for many years and saing so.
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