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I know this is an old thread, but someone had revived it so instead of starting a new thread about basically the same thing, I just wanted to know whether anyone has installed radiant barrier to their roof and what kind of results you got. I'm getting ready to install a new metal roof on my home which will be installed on firring strips above the existing roof which will leave approximately a 1" dead air space between the existing roof and the new roof. Everything I've read on the internet says the dead air space is necessary to receive the benefits of the radiant barrier. I installed Prodex insulation to the interior walls and ceiling of my garage at the home I used to live in and could tell a noticeable difference in the temperture of the garage even without any a/c or heat, so what I'm looking for is opinions of how well it will work both winter and summer if placed on the exterior of the roof. The main reason I'm going to the exterior instead of the attic space is because I live in a modular home and have no access to the attic to place the radiant barrier directly above the living space. I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has used radiant barrier in their attic or especially in the application I am thinking about.

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