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"former" go fast guy.. looking to go further..

hey guys.. and gals.. been around the shop for ahwile.. but mostly been playing with things that would make y'all cringe.. 1000cc/min injectors at almost full duty cycle under boost.. while the power is fun.. and i'll still be making it.. i need something new to test my skills.. i like new things.. and taking on a hyper mile car seems like a slow, long lasting fun..

i am a big nissan and vw guy.. so i have alot of ideas from there.. and i don't plan on putting alot of money into this.. just time..

i am currently driving a crew cab 8.1l silverado on 35's.. and at 9ish mpg.. my local gas station clerks know me well.. but hey, that leaves me lots of room to improve right..?

what would i do if i had all kindsa resources..? mk3 vw golf sport.. all kindsa tricks.. some might work.. some probably wouldn't.. but that the fun in it right..?

thanks in advance for welcoming me..!


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