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Replacing my VW diesel van

Diesel or petrol. What's the best base van for modification?

I have a VW T4 2.5tdi hitop campervan. It's extremely handy when traveling long distances to hop in the back. I get 35mpg measuring top of tank to top of tank. (only 25mpg with a scanguage though... can't figure that out but that's another story).

However, fuel prices can change all this. I need to be prepared for that.

What are my options?

I was considering getting something like a Citroen Nemo. It's an ultra small van that I could fit folding bed into the back of. I'll have to design to keep the load light but unloaded it does ~65mpg. However, I'm tied to diesel or biodiesel with that. I'd be tied to diesel really and that's a dirty fuel. I think I can get 5,000 for my van so it won't cost me much more as a swap.

The other option is buying a older petrol based vehicle and attempting to modify. This might then get me the option of HHO. Maybe even battery options. I'd want something easy to work on. LPG availability is good in Spain where I expect to be so that would be the first conversion, and I'd even see if I can find something with this factory fitted...

What would you suggest starting out with?

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