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After 5 years of scratching my car to put on a bike rack with A Jnr I'm also after a van too as my car only carries me and one other 90% of the time.

I've read varying reports on the NEMO (and the other related ones). Some people reckon they are too underpowered as standard so you end up pushing it hard to make progress which affects FE. Add weight for sleeping stuff and maybe it gets worse. Add a tuning box and maybe it gets better ?

You could go for an older Berlingo for less cash and have more money for mods. You also get the option of the older 2.0 HDi with more torque for the weight or possibly one of the newer 1.6 HDi which seem super efficient.

I'm also looking at the Kangoo as the one I sat in a few months ago had the most comfortable front seats I have been on in quite a while and the DCi engines are pretty good.

Diesel seemed cheap in Spain when I was there plus you don't have all that messing around with tanks taking up space and adding weight. And 99% of vans are Diesel anyway giving you more choice.

Good luck though.
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