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Originally Posted by jago25_98 View Post
I have a VW T4 2.5tdi hitop campervan. It's extremely handy when traveling long distances to hop in the back. I get 35mpg measuring top of tank to top of tank. (only 25mpg with a scanguage though... can't figure that out but that's another story).
Check the manual, then see if you need to use the Diesel-A or Diesel-B setting.

Start with a 1.8 or 1.9 L displacement in its settings, rather than the actual 2.5L .
Even then you'll have to calibrate the Scangauge whenever you fill up.

Using the FILLUP button, the SG shows how much fuel it thinks you've used. You can increase or decrease that value towards the actual value - it pays off to only adjust it by half of the error, or the error may well swing in the other direction.

It's taken a while to calibrate and adjust it, but my SG is quite accurate now.
In the beginning, I was about to sell it as it didn't seem to be accurate on Diesel engined cars
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