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I like going fast too but it seemed the only thing that was going fast was the money out of my wallet! If Nissan is what you want, and cheap is what you want to spend, then I suggest a b13/b14 Sentra/200sx with a GA16DE/5speed. They can get amazing mileage out of the box ( I have seen 32 city and 55 highway) and usually don't have a high price of entry. Plus, they are dead reliable and the use of the B13 in taxi service in Mexico ( where it is still sold new as the Tsuru) is proof of that.

Now if you REALLY want some mileage from a low buck car go find a 3 cylinder/5 speed 89-94 Geo Metro. They get stock mileage that most of the people on here are trying to get modified. You want 50+ mpg? Make sure it's in good repair and go drive on the highway below 60 mph. Want more? Aero mods and tall tires will go surprisingly far in these versatile little cars. To own one is to love one-every time you go to the gas station and fill it's 10.5 gallon tank( 400+ miles).
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(Note: the car sees 100% city driving and is EPA rated at 37 mpg city)
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