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Thanks for the info here and there.

It's a good point, I do like diesels, but I do't like the fuel and I wonder if I'd be left out of mods I can do if I go with diesel? I mean, LPG isn't really possible and I don't think putting additives into the fuel line is either is it? Or am I mistaken? I haven't looked into it a lot what with no having owned a petrol car in a while. I need some sort of overview really.

The thing is, I'm quite handy with electrics but not with mechanics. What put me off doing mods before (had an Eberspacher to join into the fuel line and I decided not to try it in case I mess it up, especially being a high top as it means working in the snow!) ...being my only vehicle, if I make a mistake I'm stuck where I am until I fix it.

Having said that, I wouldn't want to get left out of exciting mods I can get into in the future.

Might another option be to keep a lookout for a project half started... and go with that? That works well for performance cars but I rarely see anything like this for eco mods. That said, you can certainly get a LPG estate car up and going by buying it ready fitted like that... and that would mix well with other mods. hmm...
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