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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Driving miles would jump up, and SUV/PU miles accrued would, and SUV/PU sales would too.
Why? Oh, there might be some small increase in driving, but most people already drive as much as they care to: they just whine about the cost of gas. And in the limit, they're just not going to be able to drive 24 hours a day.

Likewise for pickups & SUVs, the barrier isn't the cost of gas, it's the cost of the vehicle, and basically everyone who wants & can afford to buy one of those already has one.

PS: In fact, it works just the opposite, as "resource scarcity" - the automakers decision basically not to build decent small cars & pickups - pushes up the market price of the few that are made. Try finding a small 2-seater not in the luxury car price range.
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