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Originally Posted by AndrejCF View Post
I cant turn the engine off while coasting down hill becaouse its too dangerous
I don't turn the engine off either when coasting, as I want to keep the powersteering and assisted brakes for safety.

But coasting still gives better results than using engine braking (or DFCO - decellerating Fuel Cut Off as it'soften called here).

Try coasting on the safe, slight downhills, and you'll get further up the next hill

With downhill and in gear engine is running without gas/diesel, when you slow down to the minimum rpm, about 800, then engine is powered with gas/diesel.
That's the situation you have to avoid when using engine braking.

With this mode i do not spend any diesel, its more secure and just little slower
When the hill is steep enough, you have to use engine braking for safety - and it doesn't even cost any fuel.

But when the hills are not so steep, it's more efficient to coast, even with the engine on.

Even on a flat road, it's more efficient to coast from further away than to use engine braking as I've found out.

There are plenty of tips for efficient driving in the hills - like not using cruise control.
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