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Originally Posted by AndrejCF View Post
to 3,5??? In Corolla manual its said that pressure need to be 2,4.
And that's probably too low

Officially, it's 2,3 to 2,5 on my car.
I'm using 3.2 bar (45psi).

With higher pressure you are gambling with trackion and security!!!!
You lose comfort, but I've never noticed worse handling.
Actually, I started increasing the tyre pressure to improve the car's handling long before joining ecomodder !

Also the consumption of tire is faster!?
Not really.
(Far) Too high pressure means the centre of the tyre will wear faster, so keep an eye out for such wear.

My tyres wore out on the shoulders @ the manufacturer's intended pressure. Increasing the pressure actually reduced the wear and spread it out better over the entire tyre.

Even at 3 bar and above, the shoulders still wear faster than the centre - it's just not as bad as it was.

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