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I actually checked the gap on Sunday on the hope that maybe something happened to change it from when I installed them, but they're all between 1.0 and 1.1 mm, which is where the sticker says they should be. Visually, they all look pretty new.

I've tried spraying water on the wires to see about bad insulation, but haven't noticed any sparks. I had a couple of extra wires around the garage from another civic and have tried each set, but I get the same results either way. I checked the resistance on them, too, which isn't always 100% check, but they all came out at spec.

I haven't tried a fuel drier, but because of the way the timing light fails to light up sometimes, I'm pretty sure it's something going on in the ignition system (sensor or hard parts) and not an air or fuel issue. I'm not sure the car really sits long enough to acquire moisture anyway, since I drive it for like 3 hours a day and several hundred miles a week.

I like the train of thought, though.

I feel like I shouldn't be looking for unicorns on hearing hoofprints, but I checked all the places that horses live .
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