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No offense, but I love my Nissan Altima 2.5 /w Convenience package.
I felt the need to correct a few things about your review.

1) There is a physical "metal" key. Slide the lock and pull on the end of the fob.

2) The starting procedure is SIMPLE. Honestly I dont know how you got confused.
If you had even SKIMMED the manual like a person who actually wanted to test drive a car properly you would have found QUICKLY some information about the key fob:

A) The key fob is not required to be anywhere but in the vicinity of the driver seat to start the vehicle.

B) Start procedure - 1) foot on break 2) Press the ignition button (It has the SAME labels as a normal key based ignition does..?)

C) The little slot you seemed to think was where the key goes is half wrong, half right, but mostly...Wrong.
The slot is there so if the battery on the fob dies, you can slide it into that slot and the vehicle will read it still to start the engine. Also explains why there is a key hole on the driver side door - Didnt you think that was funny to have on a car with a keyless ignition but no way to start the ignition with the physical key?

D) Check the trunk lip to the top right of the license plate for a black button to unlock the trunk - JUST LIKE THE DOORS.
There is also a switch under your "fob holder" for the trunk.

3) YOU CANNOT - I REPEAT CAN-NOT lock the key in the car, or in the trunk.
The vehicle recognizes which key is used to lock the vehicle. Not to mention that, but you cant lock the doors with the key when the door is open.
For example: I lock the car with MY key, then put it in my coat and throw my coat in the trunk - the trunk WILL NOT CLOSE because the car was locked with that key.
If I was to use the OTHER key to lock the car and put MY key in trunk then the trunk WOULD close.

4) The heads/tails were designed after fighter jets, not to impress the tuner crowd. Hence why they chose the look of modeling it WITH the vehicle curves.

5) Talking about packages, you dont even know which model you drove apparently.
You drove the 2.5S WITH Convenience package.
The base 2.5s has NO aux input/power seat and some other features I cant remember off the top of my head.

6) I live in Canada, bought mine right before winter had NO problems at all with this vehicle in sub-zero temps.

The CVT costs about $1400 - NOT $500.

That is all.
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