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I dont know, but I honestly cannot see any possible way he is achieving that.
I read through quite a few pages of the thread, and went to his vehicle page, the front of the explorer is simply a mess. all sorts of angles and pockets to catch air. he does have a low airdam extension and a 2-3" drop all the way around, but even then I cant see it being possible.
my ranger has a 1" drop along with my front bumper and airdam as low as possible without modding it. and my best tank to date is probably 400, if I had been able to take it almost to E before getting gas.

Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
I think it's possible for a hwy ave., but not at 70 mph.
if I run 50-55mph for a full tank, with little to no stopping, I "might" be able to reach 500mpt, and as stated, my truck weighs about 1,000 lbs less than his with the same basic frame, maybe same gearing (rpms are only 2000 @ 55mph)

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