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Originally Posted by t vago View Post
You can use RTV to seal up any holes made in the wiring insulation. That, or F-4 tape should suffice. If possible, though, heatshrink tubing is preferred over either of these solutions.
Since the "hole" is smaller than a pin-prick it is usually unnecessary. Often the insulation itself is resilient enough to virtually close off the needle hole.

My personal preference is to strip off the insulation from the signal wire in question, solder the other wire to it, then seal up the stripped part. Usually, I can get the splice near a wiring connector, which means I can take the wire's pin out of the connector and use a section of heatshrink.
That's the situation if you want to tap into the wire. I've found that the 3-M type taps are usually OK if the wire is in the interior of the car. However if the wire is under the hood and exposed to the elements I have found the taps to be unreliable. Then doing a strip & solder as you suggested and using silicone sealant is the best way to go.
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