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cant say exactly...
Statistics says that there are much more gasoline vehicle...
5 years ago many people were buying gasoline cars and then they installed GAS, LPG.
Approximately in 2005 price of GAS was 2,8 $/gallon, diesel 5,6 $/gallon and gasoline 5,9 $/gallon

Today (01.2001) the prices are: Gas = 4,2 $/gallon, diesel = 6,9 $/gallon and gasolina = 7,5 $/gallon.

So no one anymore, or very little % of gasoline drivers, install gas in their cars, diesel is again IN after 1 decade (10 years).

Why? Because with diesel you can make more MPG and maintenance is cheaper than vehicle vith gas, LPG. There are no major to the repairs 150.000km (routine maintenance).

I'm driving Toyota with very good turbines, "Bosch" pumps, must do 500.000km. VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes etc. are using Bosh pumps that are no more good quality.

Conclusion, from year to year ratio changes of diesel/gasoline vehicles.
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