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Hey Guys,
Just an update on my 92 mazda MX3 conversion. The 500 amp controller is great. I tuned it down to 450 amps. Goes about 60-65 kph. Great in the city for many erands in the local area. The 6 batteries (72v) are RV deep cycle lead acid. They are very poor in the hilly area around Calgary. While fully charged they handle this terrain very well. However after about 3 kms (2mi) the voltage gets too low so the battery amps climb. I have had 5 out of six batteries fail. Even though I try very hard not to take them below 50%. Every thing else is great. May try some Lithium ion. However ALTAIR NANO out of Reno hasn't returned my emails.
Have about $4k invested so far and a year of work. And Lots of help from you nice people on line.
Right now its parked for the winter. -23 outside. Maybe I could go around the block just for fun. hehe.
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