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Originally Posted by pquijal View Post
Isn't the resistance/drag caused by the alternator proportional to its load anyway?
That's a key question, and OP should be able to answer from the tests.

If the load is higher on a drained battery then the only point of this could be in combination with electric plug in. That would work particularly well on campervan journeys where you could well be plugging in anyway on arrival.

I was under the impression that deep cycle batteries are no good as starters. I think that could be a bit of a myth exaggeration on the part of battery manufacturers though?

Personnally I find having a very good battery highly useful in any event for camping etc. It would be nice to get all the utility of the starter and deepcycle into one.

Battery monitors are available, and that combined with a switch surely makes this a very easy mod. If you want something even cheaper you could use a multimeter. Very accessible. This is a mod I can see myself doing.

If there was some kind of expensive one hit thing you could use just to get it started in case you mess up, that would be highly useful. Know of anything like that? At the moment my camper has to carry 2 batteries, it would be nice to cut that down.
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