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Originally Posted by LouMan View Post
thats a mean markup on the 12" but still count me in, I'm going to play around with the lettering for a few days, maybe get the grafix shop here in town make up something but find out anyway, I'd like to come up with something that really says what the open revolt means and also say that this car is electric in a fashional way, not just some plain letters saying "electric car" but can relay what the open revolt electric car means.
maybe you guys can give a few idea's
the car a far from finished but I think the grafix on the back glass will give me a since of purpose, incentive to keep pushing everytime I look at it.
I wish I could of wrote all these on my build page to keep it up dated , but how do you keep responding to a comment from another page? hehe
well keep it up guys, chat at yea later

Hey Louie,

I thought that the larger ones might be kinda steep. Im sorry. I dont make the price really. The guy with the cutter does. Hes giving us a really good deal. Its only a few cents above material cost per inch. He has to include wear on the blades and labor for preparing it out of the machine.

My wedsite is updating now. If you go to you will see a Revolt Decals section. From there you can select your size and add it to the PayPal cart.


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