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Originally Posted by Automcdonough View Post
what, about the FWD or about Tesla?
My apologies, I should have amended the original post. The Tesla is cool - but only if you are a movie star at todays prices.

FWD = fail has me disagreeing. FWD is cool for normal folks, not a fail IMHO, nor that of my avatar who would not be so humble (see my sig).

I don't want to demand this thread is captured and flown to Havana but despite the preachings of Tom Petty (of whom I am quite a fan) FWD is quite good in the real world. When my avatar designed his cars he was accused of getting ordinary people into trouble because his cars handled too well.

FWD means more space (for people, luggage or indeed batteries for hybrids), more predictable handling for normal folks and less weight all in.

Anyhoo we could debate this in the lounge section if you like. This thread is about the Focus leccy, good or bad.
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