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You glare at that Prius ahead of you not only because they merged right in front of you without their blinker, but because they got better mileage than you while they did it.

You spend time looking into Prius and Civic Hybrid wheels, Prius b/c they're alloys with that rim that can snap in, which a pizza pan can attach to, and Civic Hybrid wheels b/c they have a flat surface.

You think your car's shape looks better after it's sat out in the snow for an evening.

You undermined the car's stock air deflectors to install your own.

You see your area's snowfall as a challenge to get around, not a reason to not put that air deflector about three inches from the ground.

When you park your car, and look out at it in the parking lot, it is the smallest, most unusual looking car out there, yet also the most interesting.

Your car is your desktop background picture, and it bothers you it doesn't have your latest aero-mod on it.
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