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Originally Posted by Piwoslaw View Post
I'd love to see that tested. If you have time, then maybe A-B-C-A-B-C testing, where you also cover the bottom (Orange4boy tried that, I believe).

How heavy is the whole thing?

I take it that it is opaque because of temperature/snow issues and it will clear up?
I was planning on doing some tuft testing. It's opaque because of salt.. I have thought about sealing mine up as well, less vacuum inside the roof extension I suppose? Would help keep it clean at least.

My problem is I can't do a pure aba test. I can do with and without the roof ext.

When I started ecomodding this past August I never thought I'd go so crazy. I can't re install all the mudflaps, pass side mirror and moonroof deflector because I disposed them. I could re install the rear wing... I dunno. I don't really care if people believe my before and after FE numbers, I just care if they increase my mpg, and save me money post ROI. I just know what I used to get during winter/summer months(owned this vehicle since Oct of 2007) and I always check my mpg(pump fill vs odo reading). With no warm up times I could get 29-31mph in the winter depending on temps and how I drove it(conservative vs driving like I stole it) and usually 32-34 in the summer. Granted it's only one tank, but in single digit temps I haven't gone below 38mpg. Now bad seeing as I don't do any of that crazy engine off coasting or anything.

Great, I was thinking of sealing it up, but now since I searched on here for sealed vs unsealed, really want to seal it! Thanks LOL

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