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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
Nice work

Next step : a lower fairing to match the top
You know you want to
Gaaaaaah! Nah,(indoctrinates self) I think I might seal it up and call it done on the rear lmao

Originally Posted by menaus2 View Post
Super slick results! How did you get the compound curves on the side pieces of lexan?
I have thought about taking a heat gun to it so it will maintain the shape, but then I worry I might mess it up, don't fix it if it aint broke. I went with a 48x96x .093 thickness sheet of Lexan from a dist in Brooklyn Park MN(75 bucks). Thats why I was able to curve it, and with the sheet metal screws holding it in place, it retains the shape. It was a pain in the ass cutting it with just a dremel tool and by myself, though. On the one side I ended up cutting my car, didn't bother me though seeing as I paid 1300 bucks for it in 07. Had this been a car in excellent aesthetic condition I would have been more careful.

Originally Posted by TomO View Post
Jesse, I'm going to have to have you help me remake my lexan Kammback for my VX this summer! That looks great!
I am assuming you are the "guy" Shags was telling me about who had a cracked kammback? I could help out, I know how much a pain in the ass doing this stuff is, I've done 100% of it all by myself. Although it shows in a lot of areas lol. IMO there is no point spending too much time on this rusty turd.
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